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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
App Name Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Genre Adventure
Developer 505 Games Srl
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Description of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Overview of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons won the Best Xbox Game award at the 2013 VGX Award Show and the Best Game Innovation Award at the 2014 British Academy Games Awards. Now, It has the edition on the Android platform.

It is an adventure game from Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games Srl. The game is set in a fantasy world with mythical creatures: fairy tales, orcs, warlock, etc. This game tells a touching story of two brothers trying to find a cure for their sick old father. Let's explore it!

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The story of Brothers is about a little family of two boys: Naia and Naiee. On the last voyage to the sea, their mother was swept away by the storm, while their father was badly injured and unable to save her. Although the father was free from death, he does not seem to live longer because of his sickness and wound.

The elder brother, Naia, helps their ill father reach the village's doctor, who tells that only water from the Tree of Life is the only way to save him. Then, the two brothers immediately set out for a journey of thousands of miles, but they did not know that they would have to face many dangerous creatures like the local bully, a farmer's aggressive dog, and deadly wolves.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is not challenging to play. Despite having to control both Naia and Naiee characters, all unnecessary was removed. There are only two virtual joysticks in the bottom corner of the screen. Whenever you need to interact with someone, or perform a specific action, touch and hold on the screen, they will appear.

In the journey, Naia and Naiee will encounter some difficulties. The bridge guard, for example, is tough and would not allow someone to pass until getting the charge. As a result, the characters were forced to swim across the river to continue their journey to the Tree of Life. But, Naiee can't swim. If he didn't cling to Naia, he could be swept away and die at any moment.

At another moment, bad guys appear. They blocked the way of the brothers when they were trying to find some help. Then, Naia distracts them while Naiee can move around and fulfill his purpose.

Although this game is classified in the category of adventure, players seem to play a puzzle game. It requires you to find out a way to overcome the challenge.

Remember that the characteristics of two brothers are different. Naia is very strong and big. He can lift a big rock or log to make a bridge across the river. While Naiee is smaller, he can smoothly go through the iron door or move on a very narrow rope bridge. They are separately designed, so they don't have to move together. The importance is how they work together to overcome the difficulties on the journey.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has very nice graphics like released versions on the Console. Scenes of mountains, houses, and people are quite vivid. All of them combine with high-quality sound systems to create the best experience for players.

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505 Games Srl has never disappointed gamers in the quality of the games they provide. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an instance to prove this comment. With its innovative gameplay, puzzle- adventure, it soon stimulates your ability to explore. Download now and enjoy.