Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod Apk 1.6.5 (Unlimited Gold)

Dark Days: Zombie Survival
App Name Dark Days: Zombie Survival
Genre Action
Developer Azur Interactive Games Limited
Size 100.4MB
Latest Version 1.6.5
Mod info Unlimited Gold
Root No
Internet No
Get it On com.azurgames.lastday
Update April 22, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Dark Days: Zombie Survival

There is no denying that the survival genres are big fishes in the online game market. PUBG is a typical example: this game is a favorite for young people in the past few years, and there is no sign of cool off. Another equally hot game is Free Fire. Like PUBG, this is a survival game where you will fight between real players to find out who is the last survivor.

Today I will introduce the game that is just as interesting as the aforementioned ones: Dark Days: Zombie Survival.

It seems that this game is inspired by the game Last Day on Earth and has been upgraded in terms of graphics and design. This is also a game with an attractive storyline: you will play as the main character who will fight bloodthirsty zombies and try to survive.

Attractive Storyline

Humans are facing a great danger of destruction because of a pandemic that hits the earth. Within a few months, everything seemed to vanish and crumbled; the city was surrounded by darkness, corpses, and the smell of fresh blood. The city is dying; the survivors are fighting for survival. This is a pandemic that turned most of the population into bloodthirsty zombies.

As one of the few survivors, you must find ways to survive for as long as possible to spark hope for humanity. Your mission is to wipe out the zombies to save the human race in danger of destruction. Build a safe haven, gather resources, make anything useful and try to stay alive. The destiny of humanity is in your hands!


Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a survival game, so your main task in this game is to survive at any cost. You have to do everything in order to survive and fight off inhumane zombies, such as building a hiding place and setting yourself up with plans for the journey ahead. However, when starting the journey, you must go through dangerous places filled with brain-eating monsters.

Remember, you have to collect everything that can be used, as you will need them later. Food is the essential thing that you must look for first, or else your character will die of starvation before being killed by the zombies. Don't ignore rocks or tree branches on the side of the road because they are the things you can use to protect yourself when you have nothing in hand. As time goes on, you can collect more resources such as guns, motorcycles, bombs, etc. They can protect you and help you get rid of those zombies. Don't miss anything, I repeat, don't miss anything!

Journey to Haven

Dark Days: Zombie Survival opens up your journey with levels from easy to difficult. In the beginning, when you have nothing in hand, you will only encounter a few single zombies with weak fighting power. You just need to kill them with your fists, get the spoils of war, and level up.

Do not think that your game only has a few zombies because if you enter the zombie hideout, you can become food for many types of zombies; only one bite and you are dead. Don't be foolish to go in there when you don't have the necessary equipment.

Remember, you need a lot of high-end equipment to defeat the crowded and bloodthirsty zombies. When your level is higher, the items you collect are also more advanced, but that also means that the types of zombies you encounter will be more dangerous. Some weapons you can use to destroy hordes of zombies are submachine guns, AKM guns, pistols, etc. When you have enough advanced weapons, attack their hideout to destroy all the disgusting zombies.

Graphics and Sound

It can be seen that the developers of Dark Days: Zombie Survival have really paid attention to the game's graphics as they have upgraded the graphics using a combination of 2D and 3D visuals. The zombies are shaped in 3D models so that you can feel their ferocity. The world in-game is depicted in a clear and meticulous way. With the third perspective, you can see an overview of everything around the character. 

The game also uses a strong rhythmic soundtrack that makes the player feel nervous and have the urge to fight to destroy the zombies. In addition, gunshots and engine sound also make the player's experience more authentic and vivid.

Download Dark Days MOD APK for Android

The modified version of Dark Days: Zombie Survival will give you a very satisfying gaming experience. With the Unlimited Gold feature, you can buy all the items you desire. Let's get started!

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