Hide Online Mod Apk 4.1.4 (Unlimited Bullets)

Hide Online
App Name Hide Online
Genre Action
Developer Hitrock Games
Size 44MB
Latest Version 4.1.4
Mod info Unlimited Bullets
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.hitrock.hideonline
Update April 19, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Hide Online

Overview of Hide Online 

As a fun action game from HitRock Games, Hide Online is highly appreciated by many players. This game combines traditional fighting style and creative concept. Not a direct battle between the two sides, Hide Online is built in the form of hide-and-seek with levels that bring many surprises.

Hide Online is a game that gives you the opportunity to compete with your friends in an interesting hide and seek game. You can then play the role of seeker or hider. If you are a Hider, you need to turn into different objects so you can hide and try to survive the hunt. . Search for your secret places and choose locations wisely!

Gameplay: Familiar and Attractive

If you are a hider, all you need to do is move the pointer over any object and pass it on. Go to a place that is suitable for the target audience and hope the opponent will not notice it. In case you are a seeker, you can find enemies with the help of weapons, by firing bullets at different objects.

When each battle in Hide Online is over, you can open a box and get one of the possible custom sets or another cool bonus item. Choose a skin and come up with your nickname, avatar and personalize your image to stand out from other players.

Hunter mode is one that you should not ignore. With this mode you can use different types of weapons and grenades. In case your opponent is hiding in an inaccessible place, then you cannot reach him with ordinary bullets or grenades. Although the players in hiding are not as defenseless as you might think, they can turn you  into different creatures and speed up for a while to escape. Hence, you can certainly lose track of them many times.

What About Graphics and Sound?

Hide Online is a game with a beautiful cartoon style with the drawing of extremely eye-catching characters. Its graphics are not too picky but still pretty beautiful, sharp. As a result, you will not get tired of seeing beautiful colors and vibrant map designs with classy design.

The sound in the game compares with the level of a top online shooter. Here, all of your actions have a signature sound. You may realize that different classical songs are played occasionally during battle.

About Hide Online MOD APK 4.5.0 (Unlimited Bullets)

In the event that the hunter team runs out of  bullets and grenades, and the hiding opponents survive, the hunter team loses. On the other hand, if you do not try to turn into another object during hide and seek, you will be discovered sooner or later. Thus, to win the match regardless of team, you should download the mod we provide.

With Hide Online MOD APK 4.5.0 (Unlimited Bullets), you have the opportunity to use both ammo and grenade infinitely, and at the same time try to transform into other objects constantly. On the other hand, you will not be bothered by ads once the round is over.

We have tested the unlimited ammo feature of this mod. Thereby, I guarantee you the full functionality of the mod and virus-free. Hold out as long as possible by hiding or destroying as quickly as possible in hunter mode