High Sea Saga Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

High Sea Saga
App Name High Sea Saga
Genre Simulation
Developer Kairosoft Co Ltd
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet Yes
Get it On net.kairosoft.android.pirate_en
Update April 29, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of High Sea Saga

High Sea Saga MOD APK: Become a Talented Captain

High Sea Saga MOD APK is a game produced by famous producer Kairosoft which is designed in the style of ancient pixel graphics often seen in games of the last century. This game is no exception; This has made their brand name and attracted a lot of players to the game. Let's sail together and experience the life of pirates exploring the seas that no one has ever set foot in! The game promises to bring players a lot of interesting things for players to experience.

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Initially, you will customize your character to start the journey. There are many looks for players to choose from, but the essential factor that will affect High Sea Saga is the character's profession. In fact, each career will have a different effect; For example, if you choose Boxer, your attack speed will be halved but you will gain more attack power. But if you choose a Cadet, you will receive x2 EXP for each time you destroy an enemy.

Next, because traveling alone is very dangerous, you need a crew. Recruiting members for the crew is very easy. After you have leveled up, you can hire people with higher rankings. The crew members all have a level system, you can upgrade them to improve their individual abilities.

The mechanism of High Sea Saga is built in the Encounter style. That means you will keep running until you meet the enemy. When caught, you will be teleported to the battle screen to start fighting. The game's fighting style is also built in the familiar turn-based style that you might have seen in RPG games.

In fact, you do not need to do much; the characters in the game will do it all for you automatically; all you need to do is just watch. After you win, you will receive money, and you can use that money to build your ship.

In particular, you can also unlock new seas. Strive to find the precious treasures buried in the ocean for thousands of years. The treasure belongs only to the bravest! Remember that.

Ready for the Fierce Battles

It is true that treasure search is the goal of many pirates, including you. Therefore, you will play against your opponents on a regular basis. Always be ready to fight by assembling weapons for your ship, using them to destroy the enemy ship and win.

Besides facing other pirates in High Sea Saga, you will also have to deal with sea monsters and treasure guardians. Make sure your forces are good enough to win against them.

You can also do trades to get support items that allow you to complete more tasks.

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Overall, this is a game with nice graphics and simple gameplay, similar to the games Kairosoft released earlier. You will not spend too much time mastering the game. No difficulty can beat your resilient will, right? Don't forget to check out our other interesting games here.