Mutiny: Pirate Survival Mod Apk (Updating)

Mutiny: Pirate Survival
App Name Mutiny: Pirate Survival
Genre Adventure
Developer Helio Games
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Mod info Updating
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Internet Yes
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Update April 28, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Mutiny: Pirate Survival

Mutiny: Pirate Survival Overview

Mutiny: Pirate Survival is a realistic download for the pirate community. It's based on a popular story of the same title and even includes a storyline and several side quests. The overall graphics and style are very similar to another called Pirates & Ashed. But the difference with this one is that it has a few more tweaks made to it which can be used for better gameplay.

About the Gameplay

Once you've got all the required crew members in Mutiny: Pirate Survival, head over to the docks and get prepared to sail the seas. Talk to the captain about mutiny. He will be grumpy and demand that you send him your crew. Select the second option to actually put those men into the mutiny and sail away from the port.

The captain gives you a map of where you're going. Navigate the boat to the southeast and cross the bridge. You'll come across a group of mutineers. The one on your right will be shooting at a group of mutiny soldiers while the one on your left sneaks up behind him and opens fire on the mutineers. Some of them get killed, but you'll have to save the rest to continue.

From here, you just have to navigate the waters until you get to land. You'll notice that there are bodies of water all around you so make sure you explore them. There are chests here too but don't go loot them yet, instead, search the ground for mutineers. Continue walking and eventually you'll come across a rope that you can tie to a tree and use it to hang from while you scout out the rest of the area.

Once you're done, head back to the boat and prepare to set sail. Sail to the northwest part of the island where you'll find another group of hostile locals. Again, grab the rope and tie it to the tree. When you're done, climb on board and start rowing. When you reach the northwest coast, talk to the locals and they'll give you the directions to their point of origin.

Head further south until you meet up with a few more mutineers. The captain will be angry with you for sailing his ship. Show him that you're not afraid of his men and get boarded but don't fight back. After he's taken care of you, get out of his boat. Go down to the shore and look for mutineers but don't go near them. Instead, look for a treasure that you can gather before going back to the boat.

While playing in single-player, you get to pick your own goals and plan your strategy. If you like to grab stuff and sell it at the market while protecting your hide, then this game is perfect for you. You can even use the gun cheat for more realistic shooting action. If you like to get into the water and row along with the crew, then the rowing option will give you the time you need.

Enjoy the Graphics and Design

The graphics and sounds in Mutiny: Pirate Survival are crisp and the game is very fun to play. This is the perfect title to hook your kids if they enjoy pirates and stuff. If you're in search of a new activity to entertain your children, then this one is perfect.

Download Mutiny: Pirate Survival MOD APK for Android

Mutiny: Pirate Survival has a MOD version that helps you with the majority of the main jobs in this video game. Just utilize the MOD features, you do not need to stress over passing away fruitless on this pirate island.

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