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My Story: Choose Your Own Path
App Name My Story: Choose Your Own Path
Genre Simulation
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Update May 04, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of My Story: Choose Your Own Path

Romantic high school love stories are always beautiful in our memory. Would you like to experience it again? Download and install My Story: Choose Your Own Path MOD APK on your device today!

My Story Choose Your Own Path is an interesting adventure game when you will have to choose how life will evolve and end according to your wishes. You will experience living different lives and fates and experience the joys and sorrows of real life. One option in My Story Choose Your Own Path can change the course of the whole story, so choose wisely.

Simple Gameplay

Because this is a story-based game, players will be able to discover the fascinating details of a story they choose. They will go into the plot from the perspective of the main character, and the player's choices will directly affect the end of the story. Therefore, whether a story has a good ending, a bad ending, or an open-ended story is up to you to decide.

My Story: Choose Your Own Path is one of the best visual novel games I've ever played. Its gameplay is the same as those of the usual Visual novel games you'll often see. In it, there are many stories waiting for you to discover.

Discover Fascinating Stories in the Game

Unlike conventional simulation games with only one story, My Story: Choose Your Own Path is a game that includes a lot of different stories. You can freely transform into different guys or girls to experience all levels of emotions with many different stories.
Dear Mona

This is the first story in a series that you can explore at My Story: Choose Your Own Path. The main character of this story is Mona, a beautiful, talented girl who lives in a peaceful town. She has a close childhood friend Mark. They have had a very beautiful childhood together since they were kids until high school.

But when she started high school, Mona realized she had a crush on Mark. She bravely expressed her feelings for Mark before the school day. Luckily she knew that Mark had feelings for her too. However, the next day, things seem to be reversed as Mona receives no news of Mark. He completely disappeared and she no longer received any news about him and his family. Mona seems collapsed and doesn't know why Mark left the area.

During the next time, another character appeared in Mona's life, Shawn - a genuine bad boy pursued by many girls in the school. Shawn used to chase Mona, but she doesn't seem to pay attention to him because she still remembers Mark in her heart.

But over time, she realized that Shawn was also someone with a kind heart and began to fall in love with Shawn. When things were going well, Mark suddenly turned back. If you were Mona, who would you choose? Mark - your childhood friend or Shawn - who was beside you when you were sad?

Prohibited Fruit

Have you ever jabbed your teacher? If not, let's discover this story right away. You are a college student. After tiring study hours, you like to go to the bars for fun with strong music and wines. Here, you see a handsome-looking guy and decide to solicit him. Things get worse when you realize he is your chemistry cleric at school. How would you deal with this relationship?

Billionaire's Darling

You are just an ordinary student at a university, but a billionaire noticed. That billionaire is Henry; in fact, he notices you just because he wants you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a certain purpose. What will you do? Ignore him or choose to pretend to be his girlfriend? Join now to find the answer.

In addition to the three interesting stories that I mentioned above, you can also experience a variety of other fascinating stories waiting for you to discover. So what are you waiting for?

Unlock your Outfit

This feature allows you to use gems to purchase beautiful costumes to participate in the events of the story. My Story Choose Your Own Path allows personalization of their characters through fashion styles, clothes, hairstyles, dresses to express their personality. You can be a college student, an ambitious movie star, a wealthy heiress, or a New York socialist ... all possible. A lot of interesting developments of the stories are waiting for you.

Stunning Motion Graphics

This game is designed on 2.5D graphics. The characters in the game are beautifully designed, meticulously and they can show many facial emotions that make the character more soulful and expressive. In addition, the game's sound is designed with extremely high character compatibility to make the player experience more perfect than ever.

Download My Story: Choose Your Own Path MOD APK for Android

There are times when the game has quirky conversations, or you are in need of a smart answer to help you easily get the guy's heart whisper; some advanced options will be very helpful in that case. However, to have those options, you will have to pay with gems. So, download the mod version of this game to enjoy the Free Premium Choices feature, where you always have the right choices and completely free.

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