PetrolHead Mod Apk 2.7.0 (build 100145) (Unlimited Money)

App Name PetrolHead
Genre Simulation
Developer Lethe Studios
Size 42MB
Latest Version 2.7.0 (build 100145)
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.lethe.petrolhead
Update June 11, 2021 (1 weeks ago)

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Description of PetrolHead

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is the latest driving simulation game released by Lethe Studios. This game will give you enjoyable experiences with expensive luxury cars. Download and install the game on your device using the link we provide below!

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is a driving simulation game that allows players to experience the most enjoyable and realistic driving experience. In general, the game is designed quite detailed and true, with unique features waiting for you to discover. Download and install this game on your device to start experiencing it right away!

The PetrolHead: Traffic Quests Gameplay
The PetrolHead: Traffic Quests Gameplay

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests - The simulation game launched by Lethe Studios promises to give players an enjoyable experience on the streets of the city. Known as a racing game, however, PetrolHead: Traffic Quest has a penchant for resemblance to a simulation game. You won't be cheating, no time limit; all you need to do is drive a car, obey all traffic rules and get your parked Vehicle safely parked.

This game is not as simple as you think. Try to use your skills still to have enjoyable experiences while playing this game. Get started now!

360 Degree Camera

This is a unique feature of PetrolHead: Traffic Quests that you will rarely see in other simulation titles. You can rotate the screen to change the viewing angle while driving. In addition, your vehicle is equipped with a 360 camera so you can see the front, back, left, and right of the vehicle. That way, you can clearly see everything behind you after backing up. The game has two driving modes for players to choose from: use the steering wheel or control the car by tilting the phone.

Career & Online Mode
Career & Online Mode

Joining career mode will help you improve your driving skills. You must finish driving to the safe parking lot to complete the mission. While driving, all your actions will be closely observed; if you break the traffic rules, the system will notify you at the bottom of the screen, and you will be deducted points. However, if you obey traffic laws such as wearing your seatbelt, on the correct lane, and on traffic lights, you will earn points. The game will be over when you use up all your points.

In addition to the mode I mentioned above, you can also play Online if you want to race with other players. In this mode, you will be free to drive, break the law without fear of fines. If you want to play with your friends, create a room and invite your friends to play with you. In addition, you can also fight with other players in Online mode.


PetrolHead: Traffic Quests has a console that is easy to grasp and manipulate on the phone screen. You will see on the left side of the screen is the steering wheel, and on the right side of the screen are the start keys, seat belts, gear car, brake pedal, and accelerator. The rest of the buzzer and indicator keys will be located in the middle of the bottom of the screen.

You can choose from three types of controls: virtual steering wheel, tilt device, and arrow to control your car by going to settings and changing them.

Huge Car Collection

When participating in this game, you will have a choice of super valuable supercars in the world. These supercars are classified by type and price, including Hatchback, Sedan, Sport, Suv, Luxury, Classic, Supersport, and Leaderboard. All of them are meticulously designed and polished. You can also enhance your vehicle by changing the color, upgrading engines or decals. What is better than when you own expensive supercars and drive them on the streets to the garage under the eyes of many people.

Graphics & Sound
Graphics & Sound

The graphics of this game are also one of the important factors that determine its success. PetrolHead: Traffic Quests has easily conquered players with advanced graphics and high quality, even the most demanding ones. All visuals and effects are clear and realistic, with no lag in the way you control them, making this game an ideal choice for the racing game category. Besides, the vibrant music along with the engine sound played while you drive will also make you much more excited.

Download PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK for Android

With this modified version’s unlimited money feature, you will have a huge amount of money to comfortably unlock the cars in the garage simply without having to spend too much time on the task. Download now PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK of your device and start experiencing it right now.