Protect my Love Mod Apk 2.0.6 (Unlimited Money)

Protect my Love
App Name Protect my Love
Genre Adventure
Developer Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Size 38.7MB
Latest Version 2.0.6
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet Yes
Get it On studio.genius.bodyguard
Update May 09, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Protect my Love

Protect My Love MOD APK is one of the games in the visual novel genre that many players love. Genius is a Japanese publisher known for many games with interesting and unique love stories. Examples include My Dog Girlfriend, My Nurse Girlfriend, and more.

When I came to this game, I thought of an equally interesting game, My Story: Choose Your Own Path (you can refer to this game at our website). Protect my Love includes well-invested stories, including beautiful 2D girls with cute voices. Let’s explore it now!


It can be said that this game has a storyline like an action movie with a romantic element. You will transform into Youveve, a famous assassin in the underworld. He is known as an assassin whose rules are "never harm women and children.”

Suddenly, you receive an expensive transaction one day, which is the assassination of three inherited children of a wealthy family before other organizations find them. Parents of three recently deceased children, they become heir to a great fortune. That is exactly why they put them in danger.

Protect my Love Mod Apk

Fortunately, these three children are all three beautiful girls; if you kill them, you will be breaking the rules you set yourself. So you give up and leave that mansion. However, the danger to the other three daughters did not end when another killer organization broke into the house soon after and intended to kill them. This time you went out to help them once.

However, it is certain that many assassins will visit this mansion in the future. Therefore, these three daughters have made a bold proposition to you, that is, you act as their bodyguard to protect them from assassins. In return, you will have all the property they own. Of course, you will not pay attention to that fortune, but the girl is related to your deceased sister. You have finally accepted the request, and the story begins here.

Attractive Gameplay

If you have played simulation games before, you will easily grasp the gameplay of Protect my Love. In the game, you will encounter many different stories and situations. You just need to choose one of the appropriate lines displayed on the screen to communicate with the characters in the game.

Protect my Love Gameplay

If you want a different finish, use the "knots" option. The story can end the way you want. Despite the simple gameplay, the publisher has added many elements of surprise for players. This is exactly why you should give it a try!

Three Beautiful Sisters

Three Beautiful Sisters in Protect my Love

If you are curious to know what the three girls from a rich family will be like, here is a little talk about them:

  • Julia: She is the eldest of the family, a strong and responsible girl but a bit skeptical. She will do her best to keep her two sisters safe.
  • Cindy: The second sister. This is a wild, generous and energetic girl. She always felt uncomfortable with the way Julia contained her and saw her as a child.
  • Katie: The youngest sister in the family, she is a gentle, cute sister. But she always intended to avenge her parents. And she gets angry with her two sisters because she thinks they don't want revenge. Would you like to help her?

Graphics and Sound

I noticed that the publisher had focused on when Protect my Love was designed with sharp 2D anime graphics. The characters in the game are meticulously designed, they all have a lovely appearance in love. This game successfully depicts each character's personality through their looks. Besides, gestures and actions are also developed by the publisher based on each situation of the story.

As for the sound, I also appreciate the high compatibility between each character's actions and words. This makes the game more interesting and engaging, providing a better experience for the players.

Download Protect my Love MOD APK for Android

During the game, if you want to change a situation or story outcome, you can use some special options (called Advanced Choices). These options require you to use Ruby to unlock. So, download and install the Protect my Love MOD APK version that we provide by following the link below for you to choose for free.