Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game Mod Apk (build 410) (Unlimited money)

Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game
App Name Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game
Genre Action
Developer Outfit7 Limited
Size 110MB
Latest Version (build 410)
Mod info Unlimited money
Root No
Internet No
Get it On com.outfit7.herodash
Update May 28, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game

Talking Tom Hero Dash is developed by Outfit7. This game has 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store. In this fun endless running game, players can play like anyone in the Talking Tom universe. Defeat the raccoon gang and participate in boss battles. Besides, the game has many fascinating features that you can explore!

Help Tom to Rescue His Friends

Talking Tom Hero Dash is currently developed into a game with similar endless running rules. Although there are not too many breakthroughs in the usual endless gameplay, the game still promises to bring relaxing moments of experience for lovely Uncle Tom and his friends.

Tom and his friends are facing the Raccoon Gangs, and the bears are slowly destroying this city. Talking Tom Hero Dash with endless race, players will need to avoid obstacles not to stop. Characters like Tom, Angela, and Hank can all shine. Promote the strengths of the characters so that the bears cannot expand their influence further.

Fair fight with pandas on skyscrapers. You are fully able to help Tom and his friends do that. The player can run on roads, rooftops, etc. Take advantage of the cat to complete the quest. Although not an action game with bomb battles, the game still attracts a large number of players. Accompanying Tom in the fight requires a lot of strength, moves quickly, and avoids traps.

Run for the Features

Players will not have all members from the moment they join the game. Tom will rescue the friends captured by the Raccoon Gangs along the way. This war cannot work alone. The more teammates you have, the sooner players reach their goal of chasing them away.

Along the way, don’t forget to collect coins. It helps you do many other things. The enemy cannot last long. Otherwise, the city will soon be ruined entirely.

Cross-continent Running

Raccoon Gangs is planning to pollute the environment on a global scale, so their chases are taking place all over the world. Cross-continental running is what must be done when performing your missions. The hunt extends from New York City to rooftops in Dubai or the arid desert of Egypt. At each different level, players can choose the superheroes with the right power to face the game’s challenges.

Rescue the Characters

Raccoon Gangs are controlling characters like Hank, Angela, Ginner, Ben. So you have to rescue them. Tom has grown up taking on the responsibility of releasing his friends. Unlike the image, we used to know about this cat when being cared for from meal to sleep. Tom has a cute face but always has a brave spirit.

Boss Fights

Defeating enemies and repairing the city, players will have to confront the last captive boss Tom's friend. Defeat him and free them. You will unlock new undiscovered superheroes. The game has a variation of the popular endless running genre. Players will have to defeat Racoon gangs by clashing with them for rewards and saving the city from destruction. Besides, players will have epic boss battles in all 5 locations. Defeat Racoon by defeating minions and dodging obstacles. There are many bosses to fight with, and each has its powers.


There are many stunts players can do. You can dash through obstacles, jump over rooftops, swing on cranes, and more. You will encounter various obstacles throughout and be able to perform the stunts yourself. Overall, this game has blocks that will amaze you!

Cute Design and Graphics

The game features graphics inspired by a Chinese landmark, and Panda is also the symbol of this country. The player will accompany Tom and his friends while defeating the Raccoon Gangs. 3D images with many various locations have kept the inherent brightness of the game. Cute Tom with an innocent, mischievous image and fun game sound, inspiring throughout the journey.

Valuable Lessons That the Game Brings. Enjoy It Now!

Talking Tom Hero Dash has a simple, familiar but addictive gameplay, suitable for all ages. Besides, environmental protection is also particularly interested by the provider. So if you're a big fan of Tom, there's no reason not to install this game right now.

The MOD version of the game offers a lot of coins for players to rebuild Tom's city. You can shop, unlock anything wholly and quickly for free. Besides, you can focus on setting a record, no longer distracted by the coins while running.