The First Tree Mod Apk (Updating)

The First Tree
App Name The First Tree
Genre Adventure
Developer David Wehle, LLC
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Update May 04, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of The First Tree

The First Tree Mod Apk is an excellent app in which two great stories are nested simultaneously. The game has a pleasant image that will immerse players. 

This is an adventure game that promises to bring a great experience. Currently, on the Google Play app store, this game is sold for $4.99. However, players can also download it for free by downloading and installing via the Mod Apk file.

Meaningful Game with Touching Stories

the first tree game introduction

Immerse yourself in the third perspective and feel a beautiful fairytale world. With that, you will discover two parallel stories: The story of a fox finding his way home and the story of a young couple. The First Tree will take you to a beautiful world. Not too challenging, the game gives you a memorable journey but gives a lot of meaning to life.

What Will Players Explore in the Game?

The content of The First Tree is divided into two layers of meaning. First, players play as the fox mother in the Alaskan snowy mountains on the journey to find their cubs. Follow the dots on the screen, which is the data that takes you to the trees mentioned in the plot, with the final position being The First Tree. You will control the fox moving on a colorful fantasy planet. Along the way, the character will discover many different antiques, and each one is a clue to go home.

the first tree game play

Besides the fox’s story, you will travel into the memory domain of a man named Joseph. He tells of his past, losses, irreversible pain, and the mistakes that made his relationship with his father incurable.

Although it is a storytelling game, The First Tree is entirely devoid of any text. The story is told in Joseph's voice, so you should use headphones to feel every detail in the plot. The entire story of the game will be completed in 2 hours.

Challenges in adventure games are always inevitable. Small challenges are also interwoven in the journey to find their way home.

With the third perspective, you can see the whole virtual world. Thus, the experience of transforming into a wild fox running in the forest, crossing snow-covered mountains or green meadows will become highly authentic. Along the way, remember to interact with other animals to collect more artifacts.

Beautiful Graphics and Refined Songs According to the Story

the first tree in game graphics

The game's 3D graphics are detailed and sharp. Objects like trees and mountains are very realistic. Although the pictures are gorgeous and impressive, the scene does not have any significant changes. The First Tree takes place in the Alaskan snowy mountains, and players will be immersed in a majestic landscape of nature with white snow. The world in the game is seemingly endless, and you will never see an end. It is easy to get tired of moving and see such a single scene quickly if you play for an hour.

The First Tree’s soundtrack was composed and played by famous musicians such as Message to Bears, Lowercase Noises, and Josh Kramer. The music tracks also flexibly change depending on the story’s progress, making the story more emotional.

The First Tree - Mobile Trailer

Enjoy the Memorable Stories!

Try to experience meaningful life lessons through The First Tree. The game has touching family love stories that extraordinarily tell players. The game offers a variety of adventures, through the journey of the fox mother and Joseph's memories and sorrows. Although it is not an action game with many thrilling elements, it will certainly bring fun and meaningful time to entertain yourself.