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To the Moon
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Description of To the Moon

To the Moon is a game that revolves around solving puzzles, interpreting information from Johnny's life, and finding a way to dig deeper into his memories. You will be joining the journey with two talented doctors to save Johnny's life.

About To the Moon

To the Moon was first released on Steam by Freebird Games on November 1, 2011. It has since received a warm welcome from players and numerous major awards. Until May 2017, versions for iOS and Android were released. It can be said that this is the perfect combination between an adventure and role-playing game with a touching storyline around Johnny's character.

While all current role-playing games tend to be highly competitive, To the Moon is a testament to a non-war, fire-free role-playing game. Let's explore this game now!


Sigmund Corporation is a company that uses a technology that can create artificial memories for the patient, a "wish fulfillment" service. This service is for patients who do not have much time to live but have not fulfilled their wishes.

The hospital's two doctors, Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts, are tasked with fulfilling the dream of the dying Johnny Wyles. His wish before he died was to set foot on the moon, but he didn't know why he had that wish. So doctors are only able to step into his memory and go back through his life through mementos.

With every major event in Johnny's memory, two doctors will get to know him more and learn what brought him to his present position. During Johnny's childhood journey, they also ran through a piece of his memories with his wife, River, which explains why he wanted to go to the moon.

When it came to Johnny's childhood, the doctors tried to bring him his desire to the moon. Unfortunately, his mind did not create new memories as planned. Both doctors once again have to find a way to solve the problem to help him fulfill his wish. 

Attractive Gameplay

Like I mentioned in the first part of this article, To the Moon has no combat system, inventory, or organization system. Your main task in this game is to solve puzzles, interpret information from Johnny's life and find insights into his memories.

Thus, when participating in this role-playing game, you will explore Johnny's memories to find important objects and gather energy from them to consolidate his memories and delve deeper into the past. The player will explore his house and surrounding areas for clues and continue a memory further.

Each time all items are collected, the player will be aware of his past events. They can connect certain objects that exist through two different memories and move freely between them. At this point, the player can create a new memory for Johnny to make him believe he had achieved his dream and pass away peacefully.

Graphics and Sound

It can be seen that this game has the classic Pixel graphics style. Although there is no eye-catching 3D graphics, it still attracts players by the attractive gameplay, and everything around is designed authentically.

The sound of the game is a factor that makes the game successful. Thanks to a deep, gentle sound that fits well with the context of the story, it changes flexibly according to the details. To the Moon is seen as a classic movie, filled with messages and makes players touched by the details in the story.

Complete Outcome

In the end, all about Johnny's life has been revealed. He and his wife River met when they were kids at make-up, and the two agreed to meet a few years later; and Johnny promised that if he forgot or the two lost contact, they would meet on the moon.

However, after the accident that took his brother Joey’s life, Johnny lost that traumatic memory, including meeting the River. But eventually, they met again and got married. The River wife realizes he has forgotten his childhood memory and tries to remind Johnny. But she couldn't get Johnny to remember it before she died of Asperger's disease. Poor Johnny was left alone with persistent guilt and inexplicable desire to go to the moon.

Finally, Rosalene and Watts gave Johnny a new memory snippet in which Joey didn't die, and Johnny didn't see River again until they started working together at NASA. They went to the moon together, and then the monitor of his heart went flat. Finally, he was able to leave peacefully.

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Thanks to the thrilling storyline and engaging gameplay, the game had received many achievements when it won prizes from Gamespot, Metacritic, WIRED, and it was even nominated for Steam Award 2016. It is not just a game for entertainment, but it also gives players many profound lessons about people, dreams, and the meaning of life. Thus, do not miss this attractive game; download and install the game with the link below.

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