Archero Mod Apk 2.10.1 (build 831) (God Mode/High Damage)

App Name Archero
Genre Action
Developer Habby
Size 197MB
Latest Version 2.10.1 (build 831)
Mod info God Mode/High Damage
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.habby.archero
Update June 15, 2021 (13 hours ago)

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Description of Archero

Archero will help players easily win the match, allowing you to increase the hero's health, as well as multiply the damage with a special menu. If this is not enough, you will prefer the second option, which has a full range of unique features. For example, players may have access to several add-ons related to the enemy. You can set up the game and make full use of the in-game features.

Video Game Trailer

Fight and Scared of Nothing! 

The sport of archery inspires Archero. The goal of players must be the strongest archers possible. You must continuously collect items to upgrade and maintain good health and increase each shot’s damage potential. Player rooms join randomly, and you're always in for a new experience.

This simple game that Habby created brings each challenge to life with beautiful colors. Archero uses classic style for gameplay. There are countless different types of terrain maps and a large number of monsters waiting for you to explore.

The role-playing character archer has a seemingly small stature but tremendous strength. Combine moves to avoid attack from enemies, and you have to find a way to destroy them. With beautiful colors, Archero allows you to participate in a living world. The fight, even though it is not balanced in number, can still prove your strength.

Get Ready to Die in the Face of Danger

Player’s characters will have their level system and numbered windows arrange at each stage. Don't ignore any monsters as you cannot open the side door and forget about running away when meeting strong opponents.

When playing Archero, it's important to classify monsters. Monsters in the game are more likely to attack. They can attack long range, shoot laser guns, etc. When you know how they attack, you will know how to move to avoid bullets, choose a favorable position convenient and safe for the attack.

Each stage corresponds to a distant land. After completing a land, you can step through the door and reach new grounds. To help you focus on fighting monsters, the game does not require you to move and receive coins. After you clear all monsters, the falling amount will automatically fall into your pocket.

At each stage, you need to pass Monster classes with different powers. They can appear from anywhere, such as your entrance, your back, or where you stand.

There are many traps and obstacles in Archero, and the stones can shoot multiple fireballs around, move electric traps. They can damage or stun you for a few seconds.

The money players receive after killing monsters can be used to buy weapons and skins. Weapons and characters in MOD version can also be enhanced by upgrading them.

The skill system is also imposing. There are various skills with many other effects. Just choose a skill that matches your character and weapon.

Besides, pets are reliable friends on the battlefield. They can attack enemies, heal or increase damage.

Remarkable Graphics Bring More Joy

Not only the gameplay in Archero is attractive, but the 3D graphics of the game are also remarkable. Beautiful pictures with bright colors will keep you from getting bored. The game has dozens of characters, thousands of monsters designed in a cute, funny chibi style. In addition, the background music is also very majestic, the archery photos accompanied by a characteristic sound, adding to the excitement during the game.

Benefits of Archero MOD APK

Although there is no new gameplay, Archero MOD still has many complex challenges waiting for you. If you want to find a challenge or a fun time-killing game, this is still the perfect game. This game version is delightful, offering short sessions, tons of enemies, and many various locations. Sometimes some rewards are beneficial without getting bored.