Don't Starve: Pocket Edition Mod Apk 1.18 (Unlocked All Characters)

Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
App Name Don't Starve: Pocket Edition
Genre Adventure
Developer Klei Entertainment Inc
Size 182.5MB
Latest Version 1.18
Mod info Unlocked All Characters
Root No
Internet Yes
Get it On com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket
Update April 28, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don't Starve Pocket Edition MOD APK is an extremely attractive survival game for Android devices. Developed by Klei Entertainment, this is the latest game in the survival game series on PC. This title was Klei's first foray into the survival game genre. With a unique story and fun gameplay, the game has become the most popular survival game of all time, just after Minecraft.

Join the game and prove to evil demons that you are ready for all difficulties, hardships, and fears. Monsters lurking in the dark can make you fall at any moment, be on the lookout!

Video Game Trailer


In Don't Starve, you will play as Wilson, a young scientist. Not only researching and creating lifetime scientific works, he often participates in expeditions in new lands. One time, he accidentally got lost in the wild. The landscape here is very murky, and there does not seem to be a way out.

He will face many problems such as severe weather, food shortages, and other dangers. What Wilson will do to survive? Are you willing to help him find his way home?


In Don't Starve, you will have to survive in a wild world, where there are harsh conditions and dangers. And as the game's title suggests, your goal is to help Wilson survive and get back home.

You should move around on the map, looking for sources of food and water that will keep Wilson full. You must also help him find clothes to keep his body warm and weapons to protect himself against monsters lurking everywhere.

The environment of Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is quite harsh, the dangers are constantly increasing, what will you do to save Wilson's life?

Game Modes

Most of Don't Starve's content is played in Sandbox Mode. On the other hand, in Adventure mode, you will face off against a villain named Maxwell. There are five chapters to explore, each with an end. The final verdict for Wilson lies in the fifth chapter. Overall, this mode will refresh your experience. However, its difficulty level is also pushed up as your enemies keep increasing.

Countless Dangers are Lurking

Your mission is not only to keep the character from starving to death, but also to his survival. Darkness is your main enemy, so try to collect firewood and set a fire before darkness falls. Weapons are part of how you can protect yourself, but flames are a light source, helping you to recognize dangers as they approach.

There are many monsters in the game, they mostly appear at night. You can run away from them, but with some special monsters, it's almost impossible to escape. Making a smart strategy is what you need to do to stay alive.

Weapons and armor will help Wilson fight monsters with ease. In particular, you can also craft suitable weapons to fight monsters.


In terms of graphics, Don't Starve: Pocket Edition is not as great as Last Day on Earth: Survival. Instead, this game is like a cartoon about the adventure that players draw. Pay attention to everything as you will not be provided with any instructions.

Download Don't Starve Pocket Edition MOD APK

In general, Don't Starve Pocket Edition MOD APK has many similarities with the PC version. However, it also has the necessary changes to refresh the player experience. So, if you are a fan of survival-style RPGs, then Don't Starve Pocket Edition MOD APK is for you.