Food Street - Restaurant Management & Food Game Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Food Street - Restaurant Management & Food Game
App Name Food Street - Restaurant Management & Food Game
Genre Simulation
Developer Supersolid
Latest Version
Mod info Unlimited Money
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Update April 26, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Food Street - Restaurant Management & Food Game

Food Street - Restaurant Management & Food Game MOD APK is a simulation game requiring players to manage a restaurant, bakery, and cafe. If you want to open a restaurant or cafe, this is a game that will help you a lot because it simulates quite accurately everything you need to do to become a good manager.

The game is developed by Supersolid, allowing players to unleash creativity, design, and decoration for their store. And your simple task is to develop it into a famous restaurant with many customers and great sales. 

If You Want to Open A Restaurant

Food Street allows players to create dishes and bring them to customers. Make sure you grow your restaurant bigger and accommodate hundreds of customers. You will be the owner of a restaurant and feel endless joy when serving food to hungry customers. You can raise, grow ingredients, prepare recipes and cook in a lovely 3D city with super cute characters.

food street in game graphics

Make Your Restaurant More Famous

When you get started, you'll only run a small restaurant with a few customers. Although the taste of the dish is not bad, the sales are meager. At the same time, the population is sparse, so you have to improve the shop to attract more customers. You can decorate, expand the restaurant, expand the garden, expand the kitchen with stations to different foods.

Besides, players need to design the space for customers to feel comfortable because the restaurant’s look will significantly influence their perception when enjoying the food. Depending on the style, you can customize the theme, color, and space in a romantic, cozy, or French restaurant style. Buy staff uniforms to add consistency and character to the restaurant.

In Food Street, you are both a manager, a waiter, and a chef. Thanks to that, you can know what customers need, how to serve, how to manage the restaurant to achieve the highest street game play

You can cook fresh food or bake simply. You don't have to cook in real life to cook a Michelin-starred dish. Become a professional chef, and many customers will think you are Gordon Ramsay when playing this game. Cook according to the menu and do not let guests wait too long. Otherwise, that will cause the restaurant to lose points in service and significantly lower revenue.

To ensure food hygiene, the restaurant needs to have a supply of fresh and delicious food. Therefore, you should build the farm to get fresh ingredients and use them in dishes. Search for land, turn an area into a farm, and start farming for more ingredients. Simultaneously, raise animals such as chickens, pigs, or cows for ingredients such as eggs, milk, and meat. Besides, you can have pets to attract customers.

Besides cooking deliciously to please your customers, you also need a dedicated staff. You can hire service staff to reduce work, ensure they are always smiling at customers, and attentive service. Diners only stop if the service is dedicated; adding a loyal customer will bring many other customers.

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Cute 2D Graphics Suitable for All Ages

The game has eye-catching 2D graphics with investment, meticulous attention to detail. Images of dishes, crops, chicken coops, barns, drinking water counters, or even interior design service areas are depicted well. Effects are also added intentionally. From happy, angry expressions, the character’s thoughts to the way the dishes appear each time a particular dish is completed. All depict a beautiful and attractive image for players.

Playful soundtrack with detailed sound effects for making bread, making cheese, real coin sounds. Food Street's graphics are not only an impressive combination of cooking and farming but also a great combination of sounds, images, and in-game activities.

Build Your Own Restaurant!

Food Street MOD APK is an engaging restaurant management game where players have to build different food stores, process food, sell them for gold coins, and then use gold coins to buy materials. With exciting gameplay with super cute 3D graphics, it will satisfy even the most demanding gamers.

There are three common currencies for food in the food court: gold coins, diamonds, and coupons. Diamonds are used to store value or give away achievements. Players can use diamonds to buy items, speed up time or lose anything.