Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod Apk 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money)

Hotel Empire Tycoon
App Name Hotel Empire Tycoon
Genre Simulation
Developer Codigames
Size 109.1MB
Latest Version 1.8.4
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root No
Internet Yes
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Update May 04, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Hotel Empire Tycoon

Everything great starts with small things, and the biggest hotel chains are no exception. In Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will play as the manager of The Codinental. Your mission is to turn a place with only two rooms into a luxury hotel full of guests.

Created by Codigames, this simulation mobile game will help you master your finances, maximize your profits, and keep your customers and employees happy at the same time.

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Your mission when coming to Hotel Empire Tycoon is to show off your control and management ability. You need to use the money appropriately to hire staff and make your hotel more beautiful and modern, attracting more guests to stay.

Most of your things will start from scratch. At the beginning of the game, The Codinental is just a small hostel with a few rooms and very mediocre service. You will have to do everything in your power to please your customers. Only then can other customers arrive at your hotel. You will have to accumulate every dollar and use them to upgrade the facilities of The Codinental.

Upgrades and Decoration

In Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will have the option to upgrade the items in the room with basic operations. Please calculate carefully because with any object you have to consume a certain amount of electricity. You can boost the energy capacity of the hotel's electric room, which will help you expand and purchase more items.

Besides the necessary items in the room, you can spend money to decorate your hotel. There's a lot to think about, from room decorations to expensive paintings to hanging across the hallways, and so on. Feel free to be creative, as it is likely that your hotel’s layout will attract many potential customers to stay. What could be better than building a high-class hotel in your own style and making a lot of money at the same time?

More Services, More Money

The most important thing for a large hotel is to have excellent service. Customers come to you in search of relaxation, not for resting overnight. Therefore, in addition to upgrading and decorating rooms, you also need to build more service areas such as swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, parks, etc. The better the service, the more customers will come, and the more money will pour into your pocket.

Hiring Staff

A good service should be accompanied by good staff. With the motto "The Customer Is Always Right,” you must satisfy your customer by all means, even when those demands are absurd. In Hotel Empire Tycoon, you will have to hire a lot of staff to serve all services in the hotel, such as bartender, lifeguard, lobby boy, room cleaner, receptionist, accountant, etc. This is not just a game anymore, but it is a real job for hotel management lovers.

To manage your employees effectively, you need to be very good at human resources. For me, this HR job is quite troublesome. You will have to organize the work for each employee effectively and pay them nicely. If you have a team of loyal, enthusiastic, and talented staff, you will be less stressed out.

Expand Your Business

As I said above, your ultimate goal is to be the boss of the world's best 5-star hotel chain. You have to own luxurious rooms, excellent staff, and top-notch services such as Michelin-Standard dishes, pools, gyms, spas, etc. If you have all those things, nothing will stand you on the path to dominate the hotel industry. You will soon be called: The hotel industry tycoon!

Audio and Graphics

Hotel Empire Tycoon has a playful soundtrack with a gentle rhythm that creates entertainment and relaxation for players. As you interact with objects as well as staff, there will be catchy sounds that increase the fun of the game. The sound effects of collecting money or picking up falling objects are hilarious, making the game more fun.

The game graphics are designed in the form of lego blocks (puzzle toys) that look extremely interesting. Guests and staff look very funny and lovely. The hotel, surroundings, as well as the objects in the room, are designed simply but fully detailed and functional. Effects in the game are amusing, increasing the enjoyment of the player.

Download Hotel Empire Tycoon for Android

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