Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk 1.45.1 (build 19366) (Unlimited Money)

Into the Dead 2
App Name Into the Dead 2
Genre Action
Developer Pikpok
Size 44MB
Latest Version 1.45.1 (build 19366)
Mod info Unlimited Money
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update May 26, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Description of Into the Dead 2

For veteran gamers, the survival game genre is probably not as unfamiliar as it was decades ago. More and more games are tailored to suit social trends, such as surviving on Mars (Surviving Mars) or in the middle of an all-sea world (Subnautica). Into the Dead 2 Mod Apk is one such game. What will you do as one of the few survivors of the global zombie pandemic? Run away, or think of ways to protect your loved ones? Join Into the Dead 2 and experience it yourself.

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Into the Dead 2 tells the story of James, a father who was once married and had a little daughter whom he deeply loves. After losing his wife, he continued with a woman named Helen, who also loved his little daughter very much.

His family was probably very happy, but only for a short time. The pandemic broke out, and zombies appeared everywhere. One night, on his way home, James hit a zombie, causing the car to lose control and overturn and can no longer be used. And this is where James's survival journey really begins.

Despite being in an accident and in shock, James still tries to get up and finds a way to return home. Players will play as James and find a way to help him reunite with his family. What happened to his family, how will his journey be, and can they be reunited? Will his strong belief and desire to return home help him survive the night? You will decide every answer in Into the Dead 2.


Into the Dead 2 has very new gameplay and contains prominent features of the Into the Dead series. You need to run as far as possible to move to safe areas and prepare for your next journey. The game will split into specific routes that you need to finish in order to complete the level. Upon completing any course, you will also be given a small piece about the game's story, so that you can see if James's family is peaceful or not or where they have moved to hide.

Of course, the journey is not easy at all. There will be countless undead walking on the street, and they may also suddenly rush towards you, spray poison, etc., in order to take you down and kill you. Try to stay away from the zombies as far as possible, because you won't be able to deal with all of them.

You can also use whatever you find on the road, such as guns, chainsaws, grenades, etc., to destroy too aggressive zombies, making your journey easier. However, the ammunition in the game is very limited, so you should only use the weapons when really needed, avoid having no bullets when needed.

Multiple Game Modes

Into the Dead 2 has many different game modes such as:

Story mode: basic game mode in the game. You will play the role of James and go on your journey back home. There will be countless levels divided into different chapters in the story mode, and you need to complete all the levels and accumulate stars to enter the new chapter of the storyline.

Side story mode: side stories added to the main storyline in the game. This is also an exciting feature of Into the Dead 2 as you not only accompany James in the main storyline, but can also play many other roles.

Event mode: where you will be able to compete with other players. In this mode, each player will experience a newly launched weapon in the game. If you are the winner, you will receive that weapon. Both players will run on their own track, and whoever survives the longest wins.

Sound and Graphics

The first noteworthy point is the graphics of the game. Into the Dead 2's graphics bring dark and horror tones. The zombies are designed extremely meticulously and terrifying, capable of scaring even the bravest ones. The environment is extremely diverse and rich, giving players the feeling of going through a very long way. The weapons are also very detailed, showing their full strength and beauty.

The audio also contributes a lot to the scary atmosphere of the game. The sound shows the mystery of a quiet night, but mixed with the character's breathing and the surrounding screams. The sound effects when you use a gun, chainsaw, or weapon are incredibly vivid, clearly demonstrating the power of each weapon.

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