Little Big Snake Mod Apk 2.6.30 (Unlocked/No Advertising)

Little Big Snake
App Name Little Big Snake
Genre Casual
Developer Littlebigsnake
Size 75.6MB
Latest Version 2.6.30
Mod info Unlocked/No Advertising
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update April 29, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Little Big Snake

Snake is a classic arcade game known by many people over the age of 20, and it is also one of the trends that have been strongly influenced since that time. You are also familiar with the legendary game Snake Xenzia on the Nokia 1280 phone that imprints in our memories. To follow in the footsteps of this entertainment style, Lowtech Studios released a new release under the name in 2016 and has enjoyed great success with millions of downloads thanks to its online play feature.

And now, Little Big Snake MOD APK is a perfect remake of Although the gameplay does not differ much from, it has been optimized and has added many new features. Download and install this fun game on your Android device and enjoy the game today by following the link we provide.

The Familiar Gameplay
The Familiar Gameplay

If you are already a hard fan of the game, then you will definitely play Little Big Snake easily. In the game, you will control your snake eating bright spots on the move and try to touch your snake to eliminate them. When the opponent is defeated, their snake will become light streaks, and you let the snake eat that light streak will become bigger. As your snake eats more, your score will increase.

Don't Let Your Opponent Beat You

In the game, whenever your snake collides with the opponent, you will be disqualified from the match. So be careful while moving, try to avoid the opponent, and do not let your snake choke in their ring.

Conversely, you can also take down your opponent by besieging him with the length of your body, causing him to stab you. When the size of your snake becomes large, it can be an advantage and also a disadvantage. You will have an advantage when your snake will easily cornering opponents and defeat them. The downside is that the bigger your snake, the slower the movement speed is.

The Novelty in Little Big Snake
The Novelty in Little Big Snake

You will find that this game is different from its old version in that more ladybugs appear. When you are defeated by the opponent, you will revive and turn into a ladybug, not a small snake like the previous version. That ladybug will evolve when the body gets big enough. However, ladybirds will have a lot of disadvantages when they are too small and eat only bright spots. They can also be attacked very easily by rival snakes.

Snake Collection
Snake Collection

Little Big Snake has a unique collection of snakes, colorful shapes, and eye-catching effects. The game's store is full of snakes from common, legendary to rare. To unlock new snakes, you have to level up and make lots of money.

Experience with Friends

Little Big Snake allows you to collaborate with your friends in cooperative mode. You and your friends can help each other to siege and eat them. This feature is really interesting and well-received. Invite your friends and try it today!

Download Little Big Snake MOD APK for Android

When playing this game in a modified version, we provide you with a VIP-activated feature. Once there, you will enjoy the full game without ads, get an extra free network and open two more free treasures. In addition, you get additional features such as Free Extra Keys, Unique Snakes thanks to the royal sign, Chat with friends, and Activate Bubbles.

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