SD Maid Pro Mod Apk (Pro Unlocked)

SD Maid Pro
App Name SD Maid Pro
Genre Tools
Developer darken
Latest Version
Mod info Pro Unlocked
Root No
Internet Yes
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Update May 26, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Description of SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro is a powerful tool to manage and clean unwanted files. This app is developed in two different versions, including SD Maid and SD Maid Pro. The regular version is free for everyone to download from the Google Play store. The other version is the Pro version with some better features but will require users to pay a small fee to download. However, not everyone is eligible to pay, so the SD Maid Pro MOD APK file is the best choice.

This application has been highly appreciated by many users for its usefulness and efficiency. SD Maid Pro will search for all junk files generated during device operation and quickly give users suggestions to manage them properly. After solving the proposed problems, the phone will work much faster and more efficiently.

During use, mobile devices will continuously generate junk, log, or redundant files. If not cleaned, the device reduces performance, and the storage space will shrink. Although users can also do this with Avast Antivirus or CC, SD Maid Pro will make everything faster and more efficient.

The App’s Interface 

The app's interface isn't too flashy as it focuses on functionality, and over 1 million users on Google Play have proven this to be true. The app doesn't have eye-catching colors, but the functions are neatly organized and easy to use.

This application has monochrome colors that are comfortable and do not cause eye distraction for the user. Right on the home page, you will see a lot of functions arranged like a simple checklist written on paper. Tools like CorpseFinder, SystemCleaner, Duplicates, etc., are clearly displayed.

Time to Clean up Your Phone Storage!

SD Maid Pro owns a powerful analyzer. When users run this function, the system will make statistics about user data, large files, redundant files, or junk files. Immediately after that, you can delete them and free up memory.

For other similar apps, this process is quite risky as analytics and searches aren't secure. If you accidentally delete an important file used to launch an application or a certain process on the device, users will be in great trouble. But with SD Maid Pro, scans each file type, searching for known and often deleted locations. Besides, if you have experience, you can create a custom filter to add files to the exception list or the clean list.

During operations on the device, records and tables in the database can be created automatically. However, when not cleaned, they can persist, significantly reducing the device's performance, as the query takes longer to execute.

The app also supports what one of the most popular system cleaners is Cleaner. It uses "Vacuum" SQL statements while creating blank pages to clean up without losing user’s data safely.

Users can manage their files to control the number of folders, files, used memory, or free space on the device. The file manager also allows users to perform searches with many filters by name, content, creation time, and more.

With the Application Driver feature, users can control what is happening on the device. Very detailed applications and tasks about the CPU and memory being used to minimize memory fullness.

This app also includes all the free version features, and it adds features like ad blocking, app cleaner, and system cleanup.

During use, you will install many other applications on the device. As the cache and junk files get bigger, app startup takes longer and sometimes crashes if multiple apps are started simultaneously. With the Cron Job tool, you just need to set a schedule. The cleaner will run automatically to clean the device.

Keep Everything Clean Easily

The SD Maid Pro MOD APK app comes with lots of cool features like scheduling cleaning tasks. So you can keep all the necessary cleaning recipes in memory and easily access them whenever you feel the need to perform a specific task.

Moreover, you can schedule cleaning according to working time and can schedule jobs at regular intervals. The app also provides a schedule of tasks to be completed after a specified amount of time and provides a visual indication of the completion rate. This makes the cleaning process straightforward.