Simple Rockets 2 Mod Apk (Full )

Simple Rockets 2
App Name Simple Rockets 2
Genre Simulation
Developer Jundroo, LLC
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Update May 04, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Simple Rockets 2

SimpleRockets 2 Mod Apk is a stunning simulation game developed by Jundroo. This is a real space shuttle simulation game where you can build unique space planes, as well as any other vehicle to conquer space. Not only do you have the chance to create a missile, but you can also test it in real space.

Discover the Universe

The universe is always an ample space, is a mystery to all humanity. Therefore, scientists always have a great ambition to conquer the universe. Humans cannot fly, so scientists began to use their minds to invent machines and technologies to help them achieve that lofty purpose.

A testament to humans’ remarkable development is airplanes’ advent, spacecraft whose mission to reach distant stars.

In addition to rockets and ships, players can design robots to work in vacuums, planes, gliders, and vehicles on any terrain. You can also study a space rocket, as well as understand how it works on a particular planet.

Rocket Creation and Discover Freely

SimpleRockets 2 opens up a vast 3D space for players to craft rockets of any shape. The game has more than 17 challenges and many different levels, challenging the creative limits of players.

For starters, players will have the opportunity to enjoy extensive and interactive building options that allow them to create just about anything. The game also provides a lot of knowledge about the engineering of aircraft, rockets, and engines. Engine and parts are pre-made. You just need to assemble them manually to finish the final product.

During the rocket's operation, the pistons work, the fuel is burned, and heat is constantly generated. Do not forget to install a radiator to reduce the pressure because if the temperature is too high, it is easy to have an unexpected problem. Besides, you can bring components to space to build space stations, refueling stations, detectors, satellites, or lunar bases. They can be used as stopovers or exchanged with other space stations.

SimpleRockets 2 also features realistic maps, allowing players to move between the solar system freely. You can use the intuitive and interactive Map View option to easily display predictive trajectories and possible encounters to visualize space travel easily.

Simultaneously, to make rocket crafting and flight simulation more realistic, you can also enjoy rotating planets, each with its dynamic orbits and settings. Many strange planets are appearing in the Milky Way. You can explore unique biomes, deserts, meadows, water, and spatial terrains with many exciting elements that will keep you hooked on your space journey.

With the time aid mode, realistic simulated orbits will shorten the flight time from planet to planet. Players can set schedules using the map to see the missile's trajectory.

Another unique feature is the ability to show your creations to people so others can appreciate your device. The game has its website where players from all over the world post their device models. There is also a discussion of the performance of the different missile versions.

Design and Background Music  

The graphics are awe-inspiring with space, and the planets are simulated authentically on a 3D platform. The rocket components in SimpleRockets 2 are very detailed. Therefore, players will feel like flying into space with real rockets.

Besides, for designs to be unique and personal, you can customize the paint color yourself, adjust the contrast, texture, and details for your studies. Well developed with many special effects.

The sound design takes players into a simulated open space. All sounds are harmonious. Feel free to immerse yourself in vibrant and realistic music, as they make the machine more real.

Players’ Experience in the Game

Players will begin to build their space gear with a simple structure that doesn't contain much detail, allowing you to learn the laws of rockets and how spacecraft work. Once thriving, you can send the device to do a research or settlement mission on a distant planet.

However, to create a unique spaceship, you must complete many missions. After understanding the game well, you will have the opportunity to show your technical skills and maximum imagination to create the best rockets.

Download SimpleRockets 2 Mod Apk

Overall, SimpleRockets 2 features detailed graphics, well-designed in terms of both gameplay and graphics, to give you an enjoyable experience. The game also provides a lot of knowledge about the universe. Besides, the game also builds a community of astronauts enthusiasts to help people make friends, chat and share rocket models they create. This is truly a fascinating game for space fans.