Stickman Legends Mod Apk 2.4.90 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked Characters)

Stickman Legends
App Name Stickman Legends
Genre Action
Developer Zitga Pte Ltd
Size 100.7Mb
Latest Version 2.4.90
Mod info Unlimited Money/Unlocked Characters
Root Yes
Internet Yes
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Update May 21, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

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Description of Stickman Legends

Stickman Legends has different characters in the game. You can upgrade or even buy more gems, strength, gold, etc. Warriors in the game can use special abilities and weapons to kill monsters faster. It's a new and entertaining game featuring an action-oriented design from Zitga Corp Studio for Android. If you are looking for one of the best and most beautiful Android guillotine games, this game is the best choice! 

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Face and Kill Monsters Yourself 

Stickman Legends is a blockbuster action game that combines the highlights of both role-playing (RPG) and combat (PvP) genres. The game always brings violent fighting scenes to get players to exciting monster attack adventures.

You will meet all kinds of strong enemies, use all your skills to fight for survival. Characters in the game have many different types of heroes such as Ninja, Knights, Shooting, Archers, Mages.

In the war of Stickman Legends, only you and no teammates. Although there are many difficulties when facing enemies, it is also an opportunity for you to develop more advanced skills. Dodging attacks from monsters will help you limit the damage. It is straightforward if you master the skills to the best. Each hero has his unique ability. Choose your favorite character and start fighting.

Level Up - Learn New Skills

Stickman Legends is an excellent combination between role-playing games and fighting games.

Weapons are an essential thing for warriors on the battlefield. The power of warriors is not limited to this game. Over time, your character continues to grow stronger, even limitlessly. 

Besides, the higher the level, the stronger the monsters and zombies. Be careful because the Boss of the game may appear at any time. The difficulty will be divided into five increasing levels, including Normal, Difficult, Extreme, Nightmare, and Hell. During the battle, pick up the falling items to stay up to the final battle.

Stickman Legends has four modes: Classic, Infinity Tower, Time Attack, and Trick Game. In addition to the two classic modes, Time Attack is how you have to race against time to complete missions in a limited time. Trick Game is the most exciting model because the parameters and skills are upside down. Trick Game mode will bring a lot of surprises for players. Besides PvE modes, players can also join or challenge friends in PvP Arena.

The character system is also imposing, with mighty warriors divided into many different classes such as Archers, Warriors, Priests, Assassins, etc. Some of these characters include Lion-Hearted Swordsman, Legendary Ninja Warrior, Elite Archer Hunter, Powerful Mage, and Dark-Hunter Legend. Each character has different skills. Players will need to practice their skills and combos flexibly to harness the strength of each character.

The Graphics Are Impeccable

Stickman Legends has stunning 3D graphics, significant combat effects with crazy combat scenes. The warriors have a very cool style. Players can freely participate in addictive battles alongside powerful skills with beautiful visual effects. In addition to the graphics, the sound of metal touching each other, monsters’ screams add to the game’s thrill.

Why Should Players Download the Game?

With classic fighting style, along with comfortable controls, players will feel excited about this fantastic mobile game by ZITGA. The game has many exciting game modes and great characters to play with. All these factors will help you enjoy the game to the fullest. For in-game purchases and ads, you can always use the Stickman Legends MOD APK version to have more fun.