Tom and Jerry: Chase Mod Apk (Updating)

Tom and Jerry: Chase
App Name Tom and Jerry: Chase
Genre Casual
Developer Netease Games
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Update April 26, 2021 (1 months ago)

Description of Tom and Jerry: Chase

Tom and Jerry Movie is one of the most famous animated movies in the world; it is all about the chase between two animals: Tom and Jerry. With the game Tom and Jerry: Chase MOD APK, you can now take on the role of one of the two characters who continue their fun chasing journey, each with their own set of skills.

Tom and Jerry: Chase faithfully recreates the original film's art style, and players can take on Jerry or Tom's role to engage in exciting activities in the game. Join with over a million players, take part in the ultimate chasing game, feel the thrill of pursuits: steal cheese and trick Tom, or help Tom catch Jerry.


Essentially, you will be able to control either the cat or the mouse. It's like a chasing game; if you're a cat, you chase the mouse; if you're the mouse, you have to find cheese and, of course, don't let the cat catch you.

For example, if you select a mouse, you will initially control a robot mouse to spy on the house and locate the cheese to save time. If you choose a cat, you can destroy the mouse to spend more time searching, increase the time to chase and eliminate opponents.


Tom and Jerry are the main characters. However, there are characters in Tom and Jerry: Chase who appear only briefly, such as Butch, Lightning, Jerry Robinhood, Jerry Detective, Tuffy, and so on.

Each character has their skills; make sure to learn them thoroughly before joining the match. In particular, the game is also very interested in aesthetics when the characters have their costumes.


When there are so many fantastic items popping up all over the place, our battlefield will not be just an empty house. The game also includes a variety of exciting things such as ice, bazookas, explosives, etc. The endless chase will be more exciting and tactical when there are such items.

Play With Friends

Like other MOBA games, the game allows you to play with your friends, but only up to 5 people. You can communicate and chat with your friends without using any other software.

Graphics and Design

The graphics of the game are pretty similar to those in the original movie. This is a significant benefit that contributes to the game's popularity. In particular, the game also supports a High Frame Rate (up to 60 FPS limit)  and HD graphics to meet players' needs of having the smoothest experience.

Furthermore, the map is very diverse and meticulously designed. The chases can take place on the sea, in buildings, castles, yachts, and so on. The sound is also perfect, giving you the impression that you are watching a Tom and Jerry episode that you used to watch as a child.

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android

Even after being turned into a video game, it retains the characteristics that make it more attractive than ever. With this game, you can relive your favorite childhood memories. Download and play this game right now.

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Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android

Download Tom and Jerry: Chase APK for Android