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The ModRadar Team

Agung Surya Irawan

Agung Surya Irawan

A cybersecurity engineer and programmer with extensive experience in security and information system development. He hopes to provide readers with the highest quality articles and news about life, games, technology, and sports.



I am an editor, gamer, and writer, as well as a sound engineer with over 10 years of experience. I hope my articles can broaden your understanding, especially in the fields of games and entertainment.

Tran Nghi About Us

Trần Nghi

A blogger who loves mobile games and entertainment. With in-depth knowledge of mobile games, Nghi will introduce everyone to the most exciting games and useful applications.

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I am a technology blogger from India. Besides my passion for technology, I also love mobile games. I hope my knowledge of technology will provide you with the highest quality articles.

Nguyen Khanh e1715768195327 About Us

Nguyễn Khánh

I am Nguyễn Khánh – a gamer who is not very famous. I am passionate about blogging, playing Minecraft, Arena of Valor, and Coin Master. Please support and connect with me.



I am a technology enthusiast from Indonesia, especially in artificial intelligence. I hope to bring you the latest news about the global technology industry.

NEVA e1715771136514 About Us


I am an Indonesian journalist with a great passion for technology and mobile games. I hope to provide everyone with the most useful articles and information.

Ngoc Anh 1 About Us

Ngọc Anh

Currently, I am a student with a love for mobile games. I hope that through my experiences and sharing, I can provide useful information to you.

Nutri e1715771821186 About Us


I am an Indonesian journalist. Besides my writing skills, I also have in-depth knowledge of the global technology and entertainment industry. I hope my articles will provide everyone with the most useful information.