Shadow Fight 3 Mod Apk 1.24.3 (Unlimited Money/Frozen Enemy)

Shadow Fight 3
App Name Shadow Fight 3
Genre Simulation
Developer Nekki
Size 120MB
Latest Version 1.24.3
Mod info Unlimited Money/Frozen Enemy
Root Yes
Internet Yes
Get it On com.nekki.shadowfight3
Update May 18, 2021 (1 months ago)

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Description of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3 is the sequel to NAKKI’s famous Shadow Fight series. With over 3 million ratings and 100 million installments, this title has rooted its place among the hearts of all virtual fighters. The game was also noted as Editor’s choice for being one of the best fighting games to date.

Since day 1, we were deeply impressed by the unusual design of the series, as well as the life-like fighting style that can hardly be found anywhere else. Will the 3rd son of the family continue this tradition?

Choose Your Path

The story of Shadow Fight 3 begins years after the events of Shadow Fight 2. Shadow Energy fills the world and changes the lives of everyone, including our protagonist. This gives rise to 3 factions: Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds, each with a distinct opinion towards the Energy.

The Dynasty believes that Shadow Energy could be used to help humanity, whereas the Legion fears the destruction the Energy could unleash. Stand between two sides is the Heralds, warriors in black clothes that understand the nature of this Energy more than others. A clash between the three factions is inevitable, and it will bring chaos to the world unless someone puts a stop to them.

You will start as a rookie for the Shadow Squad, part of the Legion with the ability to use Shadow Energy exceptionally well. Á the game progress, you will come across other factions and will be able to use their equipment, learn new tactics, fighting styles, and ultimately decide the outcome of the war.

The Gameplay Is Good, But Not Great

Before saying anything about the bad spots, let’s focus on the good sides first. Shadow Fight 3 offers a few options for you to choose: Story Mode, Event Mission, Regular Mission, Duel, and Boss of the Day (unlockable through Shadow Pass). Each map will come with a special rule, like Vampire (opponent can heal by damaging you), Eclipse (the map will be pitch-black half of the time), Competition (scoring by hitting the opponent, the higher score by the time runs out wins), etc. This is what makes the game so interesting, as every fight will be different from the previous, guaranteeing endless excitement to the players.

Another Shadow Fight 3 highlight is the diverse equipment system. With hundreds of weapons and armors to mix, each has a distinct Shadow Ability and stats, you are free to choose your fighting style. Some item sets even give you extra abilities when fully equipped. I prefer the Chain Knife for its fast combo style and high damage output, but sadly it does not come with any special sets.

There are three currencies in the game: Coins, Gems, and Shadow Energy. Coins are for buying new items, abilities, and keys to unlock equipment chests. Gems are the premium currency mainly used to purchase packs. Lastly, Shadow Energy is the material required to upgrade your equipment. As your level increases, upgrading equipment will need less Energy; thus, I suggest you finish the story mode as soon as possible.

Here come the downsides of Shadow Fight 3. The controls are a bit laggy, and it seems the enemy is always faster than you. Sometimes your character gets comboed and knocked down before you can even do anything, and that’s downright frustrating. The game also receives a lot of negative reviews about balancing. No matter how much you upgrade your weapon, your opponent can get two-third of your health with just a standard 4-hit combo while your attack feels like mosquito bites. I have retried over 30 times just to beat a single boss, so if you don’t have that much patience, please look for another freemium fighting game to play.

Because of the game’s terrible balance, they offer an absurd amount of in-game purchases so that you can defeat your opponents. Your enemies then get stronger, and you need to upgrade your equipment. A mission gives you 15 fixed Shadow Energy, and upgrading a weapon needs around 19,000 of them. You are forced to spend some cash again, and again, and again. See my point here?

Shadow Fight? Not Anymore

All the series were inspired by the characters in silhouette fighting in picturesque landscapes. The landscapes are still there together with the fighting styles, but the characters won’t stay in the shadow anymore. Shadow Fight 3 comes with colorful 3D graphics and stunning animations, completely different from the dark world of Shadow Fight 2. 

To bring modern graphics to Shadow Fight 3, the developers had to use their own technology called "Cascadeur.” This technology enables "lifelike" animations and has been integrated into many of their previous titles, typically Vector and Vector 2. The background of the game also features amazingly realistic and beautiful scenarios. The smoke, the sunlight, or the fire all brings a sense of authenticity to players.

Another success of the game is the addictive audio system. The sound of weapons clashing with each other, the screams of the characters, the cheering from the audience, all are elaborated to the smallest details. The soundtrack also adds a bit of adventure and mystery to your experience, so make sure you turn on the volume before every fight.

Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK for Android Mobiles

With this MOD, you can get some very easy wins. Install the MOD and turn on “Frozen Enemy” in the MOD menu. When the enemy jumps up, attacking the enemy will freeze them. Note that if you jump up while the opponent is attacking you, you will also freeze.

What are you waiting for? Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK now and start your quest!