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Haunted Dorm Mod APK (Unlimited Money and Gems) v1.7.3

2024-04-26 00:57:30 - Neva

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a tactical tower defense game with a fun horror style. In Haunted Dorm, you need to escape from the ghost’s pursuit, then find a dormitory to survive.

If you succeed to defeat all of the ghost then you will achieve an victory, but if you got caught by the ghost you will lose. The experience playing this game will be more fun and enjoyable if you download and install Haunted Dorm Mod APK.

Rating: 0/5

Introduction to Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a tactical tower defense game where you have to build cannon towers while getting money and defeating evil spirits. In this game, you can only build on empty floors inside the room. After clicking on an empty floor, the building menu will appear.

You also need to choose what to build wisely depending on your economic condition, then gradually upgrade your stats. Try to defeat all the ghosts because if you got eliminated by the ghosts, then it’s game over for you guys.

Haunted Dorm Mod APK use English and also the additional features provided are unlimited money to play and get victory easier.

Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Haunted Dorm Mod APK Gameplay

A lot of people are bored with games that has good graphics but flat and boring gameplays. With Haunted Dorm Mod APK, you will feel like playing games back in the good old times, simple but addicting.

Interesting Game Background

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a horror tower defense game with online multiplayer mode, combining many players. Players will experience life in a large building, living with other players. This is where ghosts hunt their prey and are ready to attack at any time.

Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay of Haunted Dorm Mod APK is not too complicated, easily adaptable for many players, especially even though you’re in beginner level. Your task in this game is to build fortresses to protect yourself from the dangers around you. Choose locations that are difficult to detect and access to stop predators from attacking.

Build Your Own Base

Your base in Haunted Dorm Mod APK will start from a small room with gloomy gray color. Without upgrades, the risk of being attacked by predators is very high. However, don’t worry, you can use in-game money to upgrade your base and prevent predators from attacking.


So far, you can only play as dormitory residents. There are 6 different characters that you will unlock all of it when you use Haunted Dorm Mod APK. Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Tips and Tricks to Play Haunted Dorm Mod APK

When playing Haunted Dorm Mod APK, you and your team will work together to fight predators and build a base into an impenetrable fortress. As time goes on, predators will become stronger, and the key is to survive as long as possible.

Tactical planning is needed to overcome every challenge and become the winner. Here’s an overview so you can plan your gameplay more easily and effectively conquer this game.

Choose a Strategic Bedroom Position

When playing Haunted Dorm Mod APK, you need to carefully strategize the position of the bedroom. One of the most important things to do in Haunted Dorm is to pick your bedroom before the night hunter comes. Therefore, you have to pick the best spot where you have another resident around your bedroom so you don’t have to face the hunter alone.

Utilize Automatic Weapons from Neighbors

Automatic weapons fired by other residents not only help in self-defense but also reduce the strength of the hunters. This is one of the strategic tricks and also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right battlefield, helping you to survive amidst danger in Haunted Dorm Mod APK.

Stay Calm and Don’t Rush

When playing Haunted Dorm Mod APK, many people tend to want to occupy the nearest room immediately to save time. However, there is no need to hurry, instead, focus on upgrading beds and doors to block attackers.

Use CCTV to Watch Other Players

When playing Haunted Dorm Mod APK, you can use the CCTV located above to watch another player’s progress. You have to keep in mind that fewer residents will increase the risk of hunters attacking you. With this CCTV, you can maintain your step and upgrade plans.
Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Mod Features of Haunted Dorm Mod APK

When using Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems as mentioned in this article, you will have a great advantage when playing the game. This makes the fight for your life against predators easier, and you can conquer levels quickly.

Unlimited Money

Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems provide unlimited money, you can shop or upgrade some features without spending money in the game.

Unlimited Gems

Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems offers a feature of unlimited gems, allowing you to use gems as much as you want to purchase premium items in the game.

Original Haunted Dorm vs Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Haunted Dorm Original Haunted Dorm Mod APK
You need to lie on the bed or play mini-games to earn money Unlimited money, freely upgrade defense
You must fill out or complete tasks to earn more money Start the game with unlimited money so you can upgrade your base as much as you want.
You must make in-game purchases to get gems Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems provide unlimited gems.

How to Download Haunted Dorm Mod APK

If you’re very excited and want to play Haunted Dorm Mod APK immediately after seeing the game information and interesting features of Haunted Dorm Mod APK. Then what are you waiting for? follow the steps to download the latest version below:

Step 1: Turn Off “Scan Apps with Play Protect”

To install Haunted Dorm Mod APK, first, you need to disable the feature of scanning apps not from Google Play on your phone. To disable it, open “Settings” > Select “Security” > Choose “Google Play Protect” > Turn off the option “Scan Apps with Play Protect”.

Step 2: Download Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Download the Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems file provided by Modradar in the Download section at the end of this article.

Step 3: Install and Use

After downloading is complete, the system will display a notification for you to click and open the Haunted Dorm Mod APK file. The system will ask you to confirm the installation of the APK file. Press “Install” to continue. After the installation is complete, you can open the game from the home screen or the app screen.

Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Advantages and Disadvantages of Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Advantages Disadvantages
Haunted Dorm Mod APK offers the feature of unlimited money, so you can freely upgrade defense. Changes from the original version could make the feel from playing the original version of the game different.
Haunted Dorm Mod APK Unlimited Money and Gems
offers unlimited gems so you can buy premium in-game items that make it easier for you to conquer levels and challenges within the game.
You need to turn off “Scan Apps with Play Protect” feature to install Haunted Dorm Mod APK

Download Haunted Dorm Mod APK Now on Modradar

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a game that will take you on a journey full of mystery and tension, where you are faced not only with challenging puzzles and frightening mysteries but also with mental tests.

This game has opened up the world of mystery, with each challenge successfully passed, recording unforgettable memories in the minds of players. If you want to experience the entire gaming experience without worrying about grind issues in the game, then download Haunted Dorm Mod APK for a fun and exciting gaming experience.

What is Haunted Dorm Mod APK?

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is a Mod version of the Haunted Dorm game where you have to build a base and upgrade it. What is special about this version is that you are given unlimited gems and gold.

Is Haunted Dorm Mod APK safe to use?

Haunted Dorm Mod APK is safe to use as long as the download source you use is trusted and malware-free like Modradar

How to download Haunted Dorm Mod APK?

How to download the Haunted Dorm Mod APK is listed in the Modradar article where the information is complete and always up-to-date.

How to install Haunted Dorm MOD

First, please delete the old version of Haunted Dorm Mod APK from other sources on your device >> install the new version from Modradar.

If you are running the application for the first time and the application fails to load data >> be patient and do not exit the application.

To avoid issues about failing to load data, wait until all data is loaded into the application.

Once the download process is complete >> exit the application and reopen it >> The problem regarding failure to load data will be resolved.

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